Clare is a Promotional Model in Kansas City

Describe what it is like modeling in Kansas City.

Although my modeling history is scarce, modeling in Kansas City seems to be a rarity, especially coming from the LA area. The Midwest does have a tendency to catch on to trends later than the coasts, and it’s about time Kansas was introduced to the modeling industry.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your modeling and personal style?

I would like my modeling portfolio to exude a natural, fluent vibe. I try to hone in on my passions during photo shoots, whether it’s thinking about pursuing my education, my friends and family, or an amazing musical performance I have attended. The other models with more experience have been a true blessing teaching me techniques, as well.

How would you describe your personal style?

My friends and family describe me as a compassionate, happy and positive person. I am exuberant about life, and it is portrayed in my work and style. On the other hand, my style has been described as fierce, but who knows. They could be distracted by my classically intense eyes.

How would you define the “fine line” and how it applies to you personally?

Fine Line is described as the push and pull between the Angel and the Devil on your shoulders. I would associate with that definition best by describing my affinity for spontaneity and risk-seeking behavior, but on the other hand I am careful and cautious. I definitely walk the line between two very opposing ends of the spectrum.

What are some qualities in a person you think are universally attractive and why?

Above all other qualities in a person, I believe genuine positivity is the most attractive attribute a person can have. If someone can look at life with a positive perspective, you can eliminate negativity of course, but disrespect, malicious behavior, petty drama, all of the things that make a person “ugly.” Struggle does not exist and persist, that times don’t get tough and make it difficult to remain positive. But I believe it is truly beautiful when a person can come back from that positively and move forward.

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