Sierra is a Model in Kansas City

What has it been like being a model in Kansas City?
I’m a born and raised Kansas City girl, and I’ve always adored this city. I’ve pursued modeling and acting in Kansas City since I was 14. It’s been a journey of finding myself and meeting some very talented photographers and artists over these past years. It’s a small city to pursue big dreams in, but it’s all possible. I’ve received a lot of opportunities to grow and learn and evolve as a woman and a model in this city and I’m looking forward to what the future can hold.

Where do you draw your inspiration when modeling?
Of course I find inspiration from top models and fashion magazines, but I like to inspire myself when I model. I mean that in the least selfish way possible. I become a different person in front of the camera, and I like to take that outpouring love energy I feel to inspire myself to be better than I was the day before. I find inspiration in love, sex, anger, sadness, beauty, and insecurity. Any emotion I can tune into and express outwardly is what I wish to show on film.
How would you describe you personal style?
My personal style is beautifully punk rock. I flirt between the lines of hippie golden child and dirty grunge girl next door. I’ve been told I’m intimidating and I embrace that. I couldn’t survive without my combat boots, gold hoops, and crystals. I like the color black and my cat eyeliner is a daily must.
Who is your fashion icon and why?
Taylor Momsen. She’s sexy and empowering and strong. I love her punk rock look that brings the 90’s grunge back into the light. There isn’t anything soft about her and she seems to be a hundred percent okay with her hard edge.
We Are Fine Line is all about career women, tell us about some of your inspirations!
Lauren Conrad simply for answering “CEO” when asked what her favorite position was. Ani DiFranco for being simply the most beautiful singer and song writer I have ever heard. She embodies all feminine power and beauty. Coco Chanel for completely changing the female fashion industry and building a fashion empire that is still one if the most influential companies in the industry.

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