Stephanie is a Model and Makeup Artist in Kansas City

What is it like being a makeup artist in Kansas City?

I love being a makeup artist in Kansas City. There are so many interesting and creative opportunities, as well as amazingly talented and inspirational people here. Being a M.A.C artist also, there’s always something new to learn; whether it’s concerning current trends, new formulas, or techniques. It’s important to always strive to be better than before, and to be an expert in your field. That’s what sets you apart.

Where in Kansas City can you get the best makeup?

Well, M.A.C of course! But, you can always find great products that work within your budget. You just need to know what products to look for and learn how to utilize them properly to achieve the look you are going for.

What inspired you to start doing makeup?

I’ve always been artistic and expressed myself through painting, drawing and graphic design. Makeup is another very hands-on medium that allows me to express myself in a visual manner within the realm of fashion and photography.

How would you describe your personal style? And style of makeup?

Everyone who knows me, knows that I wear a lot of black and a lot of heels. But, I like to accent my darker style of clothing choice with a touch or two of color and interesting jewelry pieces. It all comes down to what I’m feeling for the day, and I like my personal style and makeup choices to reflect that. Regardless of whether I choose a natural eye or smokey eye, I always highlight and contour. I find bone structures very fascinating, and with the right skill, can really finish a look with the right application of makeup.

Lipstick is very in right now, what is a good rule of thumb for finding an appropriate red for your skin tone?

First, identify whether you have a peachy or olive undertone to your skin. If you have a cooler olive undertone, utilize shades of orangey reds or blue reds; whether it be a deep brick red or true red. If you have a warmer peach tone, utilize a truer red. When it comes to complexion, if you have deeper skin utilize deep reds, ruby reds or plum reds. Lighter skin complexions should select truer reds or orange reds when deciding lipsticks.

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