Waters is a Model and Fashion Blogger in Kansas City

What is it like being a fashion blogger in Kansas City?

A fashion blogger in Kansas City is different from being a fashion blogger in other major cities. We are limited to certain clothing brands and do not get inspired as much by street wear. However, there are ways around this misfortune of minimal fashion in Kansas City. Here are a few. Looking at online clothing sites and other fashion sites, such as Lookbook or Fashionista, staying up to date on the latest trends are not impossible, it just takes more time. Also, fashion blogging isn’t always about what the next trend will be, it is figuring out your own style and taking certain statement pieces that are trending now and styling it to however you feel you would wear it. Being a fashion blogger is truly expressing your feelings. Honestly the most inspirational styles I have worn are on the days when I just don’t give a fuck. Styling and blogging is an exciting never mundane lifestyle, but Kansas City does not get perks of being a “thrilling” city for fashion. We don’t have the perks of getting to attend to sample sales by designers and fashion is almost nonexistent. You have to be willing to think outside the box as a stylist. Being a fashion blogger isn’t always about styling it is the attitude you bring to the table or confidence you have within. My favorite part about being a fashion blogger is styling pieces together that you would have never thought would go well together but looks so rad, that you have to share it to the world.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is an eclectic always changing grunge wear, with an added consistent flow of bohemian, rocker chic, flash from the past (80’s-90’s). When I say 80’s I’m talking about the punk scene and when I say 90’s I’m talking about the goth/grunge wear. My motto I live by as a stylist is, fashion is what is given to you, but style is what you make of it.

Where do you get most of your fashion inspiration?

I am inspired by the 90’s babes Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love, but my current 2013 inspiring celebs are the Olson twins. They have a style that is always changing, so a lot of people can relate to a variety of looks. Other inspirations come from online clothing websites, such as, Dollskill, Asos, Nasty Gal, and Ebay. Also a great quick inspirational fix is a website called Lookbook, it has so many inspirational styles from all over the world. It is really exciting to see all the eclectic looks that people have in other countries.

What are the pros and cons of online shopping versus a retailer?

I have been shopping online for 5 years now, and it definitely is much better than going to a retailer. Online shopping is fantastic, about 75% of my clothes are from shopping online and 100% of my shoes are all from online. When shopping online it’s easy to stay stylish, I don’t really see any con with online shopping but for other people it might be annoying, because you have to constantly measure yourself. Retail shopping is only good for window shopping and trying things on. I prefer to shop online, but every once a month I’ll stop by our Plaza shopping stores here in KC and get a quick look. I mostly enjoy retail shopping when I’m with friends; it’s always fun to give a quick styling tip and help make people look great.

What is your favorite piece in your closet right now and why?

My favorite item right now is my high waisted American Apparel white shorts. They are so versatile, I love dressing them up or making them look rocker chic at night.

Who is your favorite shoe designer/clothing designer?

My favorite shoe designer is Jeffrey Campbell. I have been collecting his shoes for 3 years now and it’s becoming an addiction, but in my mind it’s a healthy addiction. Currently I am in love with Unif, they have amazing rocker chic/punk statement pieces that I love.

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